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bist zwischen 14 und 20 Jahre alt? Kannst gut

ein paar Euro mehr

im Monat gebrauchen?

Hast Lust, gegen Taschengeld Anderen zu helfen?


haben einfache, ungefährliche Jobs zu vergeben? Möchten

oder können nicht alles

selbst erledigen?

Könnten die Hilfe von zuverlässigen Jugendlichen benötigen? 

Fragen zur Taschengeldbörse

How do I apply for a loan?

Simply select the “Apply for a Loan” button and complete the short form. We’ll reach out within 48 hours if we need any further information. If your loan request meets our standards, you will be invited to create a campaign which will be reviewed by us before going live.

Once your campaign is live you will need to encourage your customers and other community members to invest in your loan.

Is there an application fee?

No. Business owners or managers can apply for a loan at no cost and with no risk of impacting their personal credit score.

What’s the maximum I can borrow?

Right now, the maximum is $250,000.

Do you restrict how I can use the loan?

We are looking for borrowers who want to invest in the growth of their businesses. If you’re unclear if your use of funds would qualify, feel free to submit an application and we can discuss in more detail.

What are the typical terms of the loans I could get on your site?

Our loans are typically fully amortizing with a term of 2-5 years based on the preference and needs of your business.

Will I have to personally guaranty the loan?

No. Personal guaranties are an option that will help lower your rate, but for some businesses would not be a requirement.

How long will it take you to decide whether to allow me to create a campaign?

Once all of your information has been submitted and you have answered any additional questions, we will have a decision to you within three business days.

Does Honeycomb lend the money?

No, Honeycomb is only a portal that connects small businesses with potential investors. The loans will be made by investors who sign up at our site.

If you accept my application, am I guaranteed to be funded?

No. If we accept your application, it just means that you will be invited to create a campaign which will be listed on our site.

What kind of investors will register at your site?

Anyone can register and invest, as long as he or she is 18 or older.

Can I ask my customers to participate?

Yes! This is very important to increase the odds that your campaign is successful. However, there are some rules to follow when you advertise your campaign. Our recommendation would be to simply direct your customers to your campaign page on our site where they can learn more and decide whether to participate in the loan.

What kind of information will I have to provide?

The SEC requires that you provide information about the business, including recent financials, your ownership structure, and a business model. We’ll provide more information when you apply.

How long does the process take, start to finish?

The whole process from loan application through campaign creation to funding typically takes several weeks. Campaigns are required by law to be open for a minimum of 21 days.

How do you make money?

For each offering we will disclose exactly how much Honeycomb Credit, Inc. is being paid.

Honeycomb receives a percentage of the total amount raised for each successful campaign. Additionally we have a posting fee for the issuer and a small percentage-based investment fee to cover our costs to host and manage a campaign.

Our compensation structure may change from time to time and you can find the latest information in our Educational Materials.